Site Monitoring

Experience has demonstrated that the success of a clinical trial depends on the people conducting the trial. Thus we do our best to have the highest contribution to your project. Our highly motivated Clinical Research Associates (CRAs) are continuously trained so as to professionally manage the participating investigational sites and ensure the quality compliance of your trial. Their advanced monitoring skills along with the continuous training they receive on ICH-GCP updates, AE/SAE Reporting and Informed Consent procedures allow them not only to validate data integrity and monitor recruitment, eligibility and consent but to also ensure study's general reliability and excellence.

Risk Based Monitoring

In CORONIS we share your concern for the challenges that your clinical development journey might face. We are here to help you utilize the time and the technology tools offered. The EDC technologies, with real-time access to data, have contributed in the development of optimized methods of conducting clinical studies. The RBM methodology has be proven to provide as equally qualitative data as standard monitoring, reducing significantly the costs at the same time.


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