Medical & Scientific Affairs

Medical Affairs is what “builds” the scientific value of your company's portfolio and is of equal value as your brand.
A significant value that lies in the scientific and clinical expertise of the people involved in its management.

At CORONIS we know that what makes medical affairs fruitful is the unimpeded information flow between the medical community and the organisation. That's why we spend most of our efforts in building strong relationships with communities and academic physicians so that we ensure:

  • Pharmaceutical sponsors have the data to determine where and how to deploy research and development capital.
  • Physicians receive reliable, impartial data to be more aware and educated about new and developing treatment options.
  • Patients have access to information about their diseases, available clinical trials and treatment options.

Our Medical Affairs team is responsible for distilling and disseminating the above data flow and serves as a bridge between the scientific community and your commercial or clinical team. The services that have gained our clients trust are:

  • Concept development & study design.
  • Safety surveillance.
  • Product quality complaint and crisis management.
  • Medical information inquiry management.
  • Management of KOL relationships.
  • Working on research initiatives on products' non-approved indications.
  • Presenting educational information.

Our success in Medical Affairs lies in the combination of operational excellence, technology and medical oversight.


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